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The following information outlines some of your options. Please contact our Sales Department to discuss which plan would best suit you needs.

The manufacturer's equipment or software warranty grants specific rights to you as an end-user, but they may vary from state to state, depending on where the manufacturer is located. The length of the warranty also varies according to the type of product, or may even be different for various parts of the same device (e.g. the hard disk of a digital recorder may have a shorter warranty than the unit itself). Please review your warranty carefully to understand such rights or call us for more information.

When considering the manufacturer?s warranty alone, be aware that in most cases, it does not cover the cost of field labor, travel time to or from the job site, shipping, or other miscellaneous expenses.

There are two types of service contracts available from e.Norman Security Systems, Inc.

  • On-Request Service
  • Maintenance and Service Agreement

On-Request Service

At the time of installation, you will receive a Completion Certificate that specifies the type of warranty included in your contract. Typically, you will have one of the following:

  • One year for parts and 90 days for labor.
  • One year parts and labor.

Under such warranties we will provide no-charge repairs of the purchased system. The repairs will cover material and labor for the specified period of time. Either one includes equipment shipping expenses and our service technician travel time, but has limited or excluded software updates or revisions and operator training.

After the warranty you purchased from e.Norman Security Systems, Inc. expires, you may be required to pay for repair of the equipment and/or for our service technician's time at the then-prevailing service labor rates. In some cases, the manufacturer's warranty may be longer than the one you purchased from e.Norman Security Systems, Inc., so you may not be required to pay for the equipment itself.

Maintenance and Service Agreement

Full maintenance and repair service contracts are a recommended, alternate solution to On-Request Service. Contracts vary depending on your specific needs and the type of the system purchased. Some of the available options and benefits are:

  • One monthly fee covers everything so it is easy to factor repair costs into your budget.
  • Unlimited field service calls to solve specific problems. (Billable rates may still apply for physical damage, acts of nature, damage by others, etc.)
  • Guaranteed response time for service from point-of-call.
  • Guaranteed turn-around time for equipment repairs.
  • Replacement or loaner equipment. In this case we commit that we have in-stock the same or functionally similar equipment; this effectively provides your system with redundancy in the event of a failure.
  • Periodic inspections, based on pre-defined process or checklist, usually performed semiannually or quarterly.
  • Software protection plan to include updates, revisions, and patches.
  • Unlimited or predetermined hours of available additional operator training.
  • Unlimited remote support (phone or Internet).
  • Pre-defined term or automatic annual renewal for continuous coverage.
  • Reduced rates when contract commences with completion of installation.